I’m Kara Gilbert, a medical and health writer and creator of HEART HEALTH FOR ATHLETES. Here, I write commentary not only on matters of the heart but also a range of medical and health matters relevant to recreational as well as professional athletes.

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Who are you?

People who visit my blog come from all walks of life with a common interest in sport and health. Perhaps, you have been running the suburban trails for many years simply to keep fit or you might be a newcomer to triathlon or contemplating your first marathon. You might be involved in swimming or cycling or, perhaps, a team sport, playing rugby, soccer, hockey or basketball.  Many of you will be dedicated and keen age-groupers and some of you will be elite athletes on the pro circuit in your given sport. Some of you will be parents driven to keep up with your children while others may be pondering on how to keep active into old age. Whether you be male, female, young or old, you are inspired by your own personal experiences and/or health statuses to engage in inquiry about the pros and cons of sport participation for your own health and wellbeing.

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – APRIL 12, 2015: Runners on the streets enjoying their run in the 35th NN Rotterdam Marathon held in the city center. The marathon is well known for its fast times.

Why this website?

SPORT HEALTH is assuming increasing prominence in the health and medical field. Young competitive athletes are regarded by medical experts as a special subgroup of healthy individuals with unique healthcare demands. Sport participation is now regarded to be important in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

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HEART HEALTH is generally a key determinant of physical prowess, at any age. More attention is being paid to athletes and their heart health than ever before. Not only are scientists and medical experts recognizing the impact of sustained exercise on cardiac remodeling but more and more recreational age-group athletes are staying active longer which bears implications for their heart health.

LONDON, UK - APRIL 21, 2013: Wheelchair competitors at the Virgin London Marathon April 21st 2013 in London. Pictured in the leader pack at 26 miles (l to r): Marcel Hug (2nd), Kurt Fearnley (winner), David Weir, Ernst Van Dyk (3rd), Tomasz Hamerlak.

My mission

I truly believe that sport participation can take you on a fabulous lifestyle journey.

I would like to engage you here on this website to think about and become pro-active in your own Heart Health and Sport Health. Depending on our ages and social circumstances, numerous factors affect our human physiology and impact our approaches to integrating exercise effectively into our lifestyles, whether that be for recreation or competitive purposes.

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My goal is to present you with both controversial and not so controversial issues in current research and social commentary on Heart and Sport Health, to unpack the facts behind the myths in carefully considered analyses of the data and make HEART HEALTH FOR ATHLETES  a useful resource to complement and inspire your individual sport journeys.

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