Wow! 2016 came and went with a bang.

Now, 2017 is here, and I’m going to get the ball rolling again with my websites and blogging. Forgive me for letting things slide for a while, my life suddenly turned busy as I faced a career change and took on some new adventures. Well, I have restored some of that magic thing called ‘routine’ and am making time to return to the things that give me a buzz … writing and running are pretty high on the list.

As many of you know, I’m on my own heart health journey, and there’s never a day when I’m not testing the waters. While I remain mindful of my own limitations, I can’t resist exploring that thing called ‘potential’. After all, how do you know until you give it a go?

So, I’m back not only to share my experiences but also to keep you abreast of the latest news on all things related to heart health and sport. I firmly believe in staying in tune with your body and gaining a deeper understanding of why it might behave like it does. Knowledge and experience enable you to consider your options and set realistic goals. In sport, that leads to enjoyment, results, and ultimately good health.

Let’s not be afraid to reflect on our lessons learned in 2016, and …

In 2017, dream big, reach for the stars, and set ourselves some new goals!



#myhearthealthjourney #hearthealth

Author: Kara Gilbert @ KMG Communications

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