Why running may be good for your back

This is a fabulous article I came across at the end of what has been a rather long week. Check it out at The New York Times: Why Running May be Good for Your Back

My case of disc bulge

I recently experienced an L5/S1disc bulge with symptoms of sciatica (including pins & needles, with associated calf and buttocks pain after running harder and longer efforts). This was about 6 weeks out from my Iron Man event in Cairns mid-June, so it really was bad timing for me.

At the time, doctors advised me to get a radiographic guided cortisone injection in the spine, which I declined. I’m not a fan of radical therapies, preferring the old-fashioned approach – try easing back and see what happens.


I’m glad to say that I’m much better now although not yet completely recovered from the disc bulge. I still get the occasional tingling feeling running down my legs to my small toes. When it was at its worst, I really began to wonder if my running days were doomed, and pondered on a life without running. Unimaginable!!

Runners may have more resilient backs

So, this latest news story on research being conducted here in Melbourne at Deakin University has made me feel much more relaxed, and very happy about the future.

Runners may actually have better, stronger backs, and more resilient spinal discs.

Exercise adds value. Running is looking pretty good!

The health messages are getting ever stronger —

Exercise adds value to your life, just get on with it!


Author: Kara Gilbert @ KMG Communications

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